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Close-up of a pool corner with a clear glass orb on blue and white mosaic tiles, reflecting the glistening pool water and enhancing the aquatic aesthetic.

The Perfect Aquatic Accent

This selection of tile offers a sampling of the options available for your unique project.

From classic 1" x 1" glass tiles that shimmer in the sunlight to the artistic Moonscape series, each tile choice is designed to create a personalized and inviting aquatic ambiance. Whether it's the intricate patterns of mixed blend tiles or the sleek elegance of 1" x 2" glass tiles, our range ensures that every pool is a reflection of personal style and quality.


Glass Tile - 1x2

1" x 2" glass tile offers a modern, elegant touch to your pool, blending durability with a sleek, reflective aesthetic. Its luminous appearance creates a mesmerizing, fluid-like surface, enhancing the overall beauty and sophistication of any pool design.


Glass Tile - 1x1

1" x 1" glass tile brings a classic yet contemporary elegance to your pool, with its smaller size creating a refined, mosaic-like effect. These tiles capture and reflect light beautifully, adding a vibrant, jewel-toned quality to the pool's surface that is both visually stunning and timelessly stylish.


Glass Tile - Mixed Blend

Our mixed blend glass tile, featuring an artful combination of both larger and smaller square tiles, creates a dynamic and visually engaging surface. This blend offers a unique aesthetic that plays with light and shadow, bringing a lively and textured appearance to the water's edge, perfect for those seeking a distinct and modern look.


Glass Tile - Moonscape

The Moonscape Series from Artistry in Mosaics introduces a uniquely textured 2" x 6" tile that adds an extraordinary and tactile dimension to any pool design. Its distinctive surface, emulating that of a lunar landscape, provides a captivating visual effect, blending both contemporary elegance and innovative design to create an immersive aquatic experience.

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