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Our Process:
Crafting Your Paradise

At A&G Concrete Pools, our commitment to excellence is evident through every stage of our process, ensuring that from the first point of contact to the final unveiling, your pool journey is as seamless as it is enjoyable.

An aerial view of a contemporary home at dusk, showcasing a long, rectangular pool with adjacent lounge area, set against a backdrop of a vivid sunset and lush greenery.

Consultation & Design

Your experience begins with a personal consultation, where a member of our design team will speak with you, outlining your unique vision and preferences. Using the latest technology and software, they will transform your ideas into a realized design, created in harmony with both your lifestyle and the aesthetics of your home.

Approval & Permitting

Once your design has been finalized and approved, our permitting team will navigate the approval process for your respective municipality, managing all necessary documents and paperwork.

Close-up of detailed pool construction plans and specifications spread out, highlighting the meticulous planning process behind luxury pool installation.
An excavator on a construction site, digging the initial groundwork for a new pool, symbolizing the first step in transforming a vision into reality.

Pool Excavation

Your backyard transformation begins with pool excavation, the first physical step in your project's creation. Our expert team carefully carves out your pool's shape, ensuring every inch is precisely measured for a flawless foundation. We respect your property throughout the process, minimizing impact and preparing the site for all additional work to come.

Form Steel

Following excavation, we create the backbone of your pool with form steel. This step is centered about precision and durability, as we sculpt a robust steel framework tailored to your pool’s design. This reinforced structure promises longevity and resilience, shaping the future of your personal retreat.

Early stage of a pool construction site showing the foundational structure with steel rebar grid, plumbing in place, and wooden formwork surrounding the excavation.

Gunite Application

With the form steel in place, the gunite application marks a pivotal moment where your pool begins to truly take shape. Our specialists skillfully apply the material, creating a shell designed to last a lifetime. 


Proper plumbing is the circulatory system of your pool, crucial for both cleanliness and function. We install high-grade pipes and fittings, ensuring not only efficient water flow, but filtration as well. Each system is tested for optimum performance, setting the stage for a pool that is as functional as it is beautiful.

A blurred image of a pool's filtration and pump system, highlighting the complex network of pipes and equipment essential for maintaining water clarity and circulation.
Close-up of a pool corner with a clear glass orb on blue and white mosaic tiles, reflecting the glistening pool water and enhancing the aquatic aesthetic.

Tile & Coping

The installation of tile and coping are where aesthetics meet precision. We lay each tile with an artisan's touch, ensuring durability and a perfect finish that reflects your vision. The coping provides a seamless edge, marrying form and function, further refining your pool's unique aesthetic.

Decking & Pavers

The area surrounding your pool is nearly as important as the pool itself. For those who select a concrete deck, we pour your deck with an eye for both beauty and safety, creating a welcoming surface for all your outdoor activities. For those who prefer the elegance of pavers, we meticulously set each stone, promising an enchanting path to your aquatic escape.

Spacious backyard pool at a luxury residence with geometric grass inlays on the patio, a fire feature, and lush trees in the background under a clear sky.
Construction workers on a pool site installing a dark metal framework for a screen enclosure, with a lake in the background under a bright blue sky.

Interior Finish

The interior finish is the final flourish, the layer that brings color to your personal paradise. We offer a variety of finishes, each providing a different aesthetic and tactile experience. Applied with expertise, the interior finish is the penultimate step in creating

your pool's signature look.


A symphony of systems coming to life. During your pool startup, our team fine-tunes the pumps, heating, and filtration systems, ensuring every component operates harmoniously. We balance your pool's water with a precise blend of chemicals, awakening your pool to its full splendor and inviting the first plunge.

Elegant rectangular pool with a reflective blue surface at a luxurious modern home, featuring lounge chairs and surrounded by lush landscaping and a neatly manicured lawn.
A luxurious two-story home with a classic white stucco exterior and terracotta roof tiles, featuring a pristine blue swimming pool in the foreground, surrounded by a lush green lawn and tropical palm trees.

Pool School

Once your pool is complete, we provide you with a comprehensive 'Pool School' session. This personalized tutorial empowers you with knowledge on maintenance, operation, and care, ensuring you feel confident as the new caretaker of your backyard oasis. With our guidance, you'll be ready to sustain your pool’s allure and function for years to come.

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