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In-House Excellence: How A&G Blends Efficiency & Craftsmanship

When envisioning your perfect backyard oasis, the quality of the experience—from the initial consultation to the final unveiling of your new pool—is paramount.

At A&G Concrete Pools, we believe the construction of your swimming pool is more than a simple alteration to your backyard; it's a pursuit of innovation, intertwined with a desire to bring your unique dream to life. Given how personal such a pursuit can be, A&G offers a process otherwise unrivaled within the pool construction industry, one which is centered about the incredible individuals who make up our in-house team. This approach, in which every step of your project is either scheduled, overseen, or performed by an A&G Concrete Pools team member, offers not only greater peace of mind, but streamlined project timelines, enhanced communication, and, perhaps most importantly, a waterscape unlike any other.


Efficiency & Timeliness: Streamlining the Construction Process

Quicker Project Completion:

One of the most tangible benefits of our in-house approach is the acceleration of the standard build process. Without the need to coordinate with countless sub-contractors, we avoid common delays, and can advance from design to construction at an unparalleled pace. This streamlined process means that, rather than waiting months, you can be swimming in a matter of weeks, enjoying all that summer has to offer.

Seamless Project Transitions:

Each phase of pool construction, from the initial design to the final touches, is overseen by members of our in-house team. This integration allows for a seamless transition between each stage of the project, something which may all but impossible when dealing with multiple subcontractors. Furthermore, if an issue arises during construction, our team has the ability to pivot and address that issue immediately, rather than rescheduling with a subcontractor, preventing avoidable delays, and keeping your project on schedule.

Responsiveness & Communication: The Keys to Success

Direct Communication Channels:

Timely and professional communication is essential to the construction of any waterscape. With an in-house team, you’ll have direct access to the professionals building your pool, from your personal designer to a fully dedicated project manager. This means questions can be answered both promptly and accurately, without any middlemen to muddy communications; with A&G Concrete Pools, you get clear, direct information, straight from the source.

Quick Issue Resolution:

Should any issues arise during the construction of your pool, our in-house team has the ability to address them swiftly. Our staff's ability to respond quickly not only speeds up the troubleshooting process, but ensures that solutions are implemented effectively as well, minimizing any potential downtime and keeping your project on track.

Personalized Service: An Experience Tailored to You

Customized Designs:

Our in-house design team works directly alongside our construction teams, ensuring each design not only fulfills your personal vision, but can be safely constructed on your unique property. This integration allows for a high degree of customization, as design and engineering intertwine to realize your dream waterscape, and every last detail is realized.

Building Relationships:

At A&G Concrete Pools, we truly believe that constructing a pool is a journey we embark on together. By working with a dedicated in-house team from start to finish, you gain not just a pool, but a relationship with professionals who understand and care about your home as much as you do.


Since our inception, we have strived to create an experience in which choosing A&G Concrete Pools means choosing a team that values efficiency, clear communication, and personalized service. With over 35 years of experience crafting the most exquisite waterscapes on the Treasure Coast, our commitment to managing all aspects of our work reflects not only our dedication to delivering a spectacular swimming pool, but our ongoing commitment to creating a lasting positive impact on your home and lifestyle.

To begin your journey towards aquatic elegance and luxury, contact us using the button below, or speak directly with an A&G representative at (772) 878-7752.


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