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Endless Innovation: Pool Features for the Upcoming Year

Updated: Apr 4

Take a look at the most exciting pool innovations set to debut next year, from smart pool technology to new LED lighting systems.

Spacious backyard pool at a luxury residence with geometric grass inlays on the patio, a fire feature, and lush trees in the background under a clear sky.

As we approach the new year, there are a plethora of new pool features that will transform the way we envision and experience our own personal paradise. With the revision and improvement of existing features, along with an entirely new group of game-changing technological advancements, A&G Concrete Pools is incredibly excited to explore the new frontiers of residential and commercial pool design.

Smart Pool Technology

With smart homes becoming more prevalent, it's no surprise that pools are getting smarter too. Systems now allow you to control pool lighting, temperature, and even pump schedules, all from your smartphone. Imagine adjusting your pool's temperature while you're on your way home from work, ensuring it's just right for an evening of relaxation. With new automation systems and smart pool technology, this dream is very much a reality.

New Colors for Interior Finishes

While traditional blue will remain a timeless choice for any aquatic space, darker, more lustrous finishes have become increasingly popular, offering a far wider color palette, and in turn, a more unique and individualized aesthetic for homeowners. These darker tones not only give pools a more luxurious look but also help in absorbing and retaining heat, reducing heating costs and ensuring your pool stays comfortable year-round.

LED Lighting Enhancements

Gone are the days of standard white pool lights. With advanced LED technology, pools can now feature a spectrum of colors, patterns, and even synchronized light sequences. These lights are energy-efficient, have a longer lifespan, and offer a unique ambiance for night-time swimming or entertaining.

Infinity Edges

Infinity pools, with their disappearing edges, create a visual effect of water extending to the horizon. It's a luxurious feature that offers an unmatched panoramic view, especially when overlooking a scenic backdrop. This style of pool constructed has existed in years prior, but as their construction becomes more refined and commonplace, their implementation can now be used in a variety of settings, bringing their appeal to a far wider audience.


Innovation in pool design is continually evolving, and the upcoming year is bound to see some of the most exciting advancements yet. To be at the forefront of these new features, start your journey with A&G Concrete Pools today, either by clicking the button below, or by speaking with an A&G representative at (772) 878-7752.


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