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A Splash of Luxury: Integrating High-End Features into Your Oasis

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Elegant rectangular pool with an attached spa and sunken lounge area, bordered by patterned paving stones, and an inviting outdoor seating set, overlooking a peaceful lake flanked by palm trees under a clear sky.

Indulging in one's own private oasis is a dream many homeowners harbor. A serene summer evening, the sun casting a golden glow over the calm waters, the tranquil ambiance, these are the images of luxury and splendor, the aspirations of countless individuals who dream of the perfect backyard paradise.

"Indulging in one's own private oasis is a dream many homeowners harbor."

The venture of creating designs that exist far beyond the ordinary is a venture that begins with A&G Concrete Pools. Through the expertise of our design team, allow yourself to realize your vision, with the following items to serve as inspiration in the creation of your dream space.

Luxurious Additions

Water Features, Lighting, Automation Systems, and more. Whatever your imagination desires, A&G Concrete Pools has the materials and knowledge to create your personal paradise.

Water Features:

  • Waterfalls - Cascading waterfalls add a serene and naturalistic element, creating a tranquil soundscape in your backyard oasis.

  • Fountains - Elegant fountains serve as a focal point, marrying the soothing sound of water with visual artistry.

  • Laminar Jets - Laminar jets provide a sleek, arching stream of water, adding a touch of modern sophistication to any pool space.

  • Rain Curtains - Rain curtains create a mesmerizing veil of water, offering both privacy and a truly unique aesthetic.


  • LED Pool Lights - Energy-efficient LED pool lights offer a selection of vibrant colors, transforming your pool into a luminous haven.

  • Programmable Light Sequences - Programmable underwater light shows turn your pool into a stage, showcasing a symphony of light and movement to create your desired ambiance.

Fire Features:

  • Fire Bowls - Fire bowls bring warmth and a mesmerizing glow, creating an inviting ambiance perfect for evening gatherings.

  • Fire Pits - A classic fire pit provides a communal space for friends and family, along with an opportunity to gather and create lasting memories.

  • Fire & Water bowls - This enchanting combination of fire and water captures the essence of the elements, offering an extraordinary focal point for any aquatic space.

Spa Features:

  • Flush Spas - Flush spas are seamlessly integrated into your pool design, offering a sleek and unobtrusive space for relaxation.

  • Raised Spas - Raised spas stand out as a luxurious centerpiece, providing therapeutic benefits and a commanding view of your sanctuary.

  • Champagne Spas - The ultimate in spa design and construction, the champagne spa offers a true showpiece for any waterscape, with water spilling over all four sides of your hand-crafted spa.

  • Spa Jets - Customizable spa jets target specific areas for a tailored massage experience, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation.

Automation Systems:

  • Remote Control Systems - Effortlessly manage all your pool features with the convenience of remote control systems.

  • Automated Cleaning Systems - Keep your pool pristine with automated cleaning systems that work quietly and efficiently.

  • Smart Lighting and Heating Systems - Smart systems allow you to control lighting and heating remotely, ensuring your pool is always ready when you are.

You deserve an waterscape that exudes a sense of luxury, something which evokes a resort-like ambiance right in your own backyard. The harmonious interplay of water, light, and fire features, coupled with the soothing comfort of spa elements, is a balance masterfully created by the design team at A&G Concrete Pools. To begin your luxury pool journey, contact us using the button below, or speak with an A&G representative at (772) 878-7752.


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