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Artistry: Crafted in Collaboration with Kolter Homes

Project Type

Community Model Homes


Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Embodying modern elegance, the model homes at Artistry Palm Beach, a pristine community by Kolter Homes, stand as a testament to endlessly refined living. Positioned amidst the picturesque vistas of Palm Beach Gardens, these models offer a harmonious blend of architectural finesse and aquatic tranquility, providing any homeowner with a vision of the quintessential Florida home.

Our collaboration marks the shared efforts of two entities dedicated to transcending the ordinary. At each model home, the custom-built waterscapes by A&G Concrete Pools are more than just a water feature; they are the heart of the outdoor living experience, inviting residents into a realm of serene leisure. The meticulously designed pools mirror the sophisticated aesthetics of each residence, with every element curated to the modern lifestyle envisioned by Kolter Homes.

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